ZZZ bears Coastie

ZZZ bears Coastie

ZZZ Bears
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This is not just a bear. This is a complete sleep system (perfect for Military Children with a parent deployed).

As the defender of sweet dreams, Coastie Sleeptight took an oath to protect children against all nighttime enemies both under the bed and in the closet.

This Military sleep grade system for your child includes:

  • Coastie Sleeptight Teddy Bear in Operational Dress Uniform
  • Door hanger that lets the world know this room is protected
  • Sleeptight Oath (lists the oath the bear took to protect your child)
  • 5 Silver Slumber Star Stickers

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1 - Place the doorknob hang on the bedroom door
  • Step 2 - Your child reads the sleeptight Oath (or you can read it to them)
  • Step 3 - Your child hugs or holds the bear (this puts Coastie Sleeptight on duty)

Since there are 5 stickers included - periodically, you can award 1 of the 5 silver slumber star stickers to your child for making it through the night.